Archie Tyler Work Experience Conclusion Blog

Posted on: March 9, 2018

I’d like to say a massive thankyou to Lucy, Steve and Jody for an amazing week of work experience. The guys at Immortal have been brilliant with finding lots of projects for me to do during my week and there hasn’t been a moment when I’ve had nothing to do.

I’ve been doing plenty of jobs that the team really value. Just some of them include: race medal designing for Taunton triathlon which have now had an order of 250 which is really exciting. I’ve been out in Montacute informing residents of road closures during Yeovil Half, race pack stuffing, top secret route planning, survey building; and much, much, more…

I have even had the chance to sit on some important meetings with some of Immortals partners and sponsors which has been really interesting. Also having the privilege to sit in on these meetings has opened my mind to the importance of market research, organisation, communication; and the like, which has inspired my interest to work in a similar job even more!

What I have loved the most about working with Immortal is the versatility of the job and the welcome, friendly nature of the business…and how could I forget about the frequent trips in the Yeovil Half Audi TT.

Not only have I had a busy week of work I’ve been fitting in some tough swim sessions and regularly commuting to and from work on My Specialized Tarmac getting some miles in ahead of Saturdays Bath Duathlon.

I want to say a big thankyou again to the team at Immortal and I will definitely be keeping in touch, doing some of their events and marshalling in the future perhaps!

I hope to follow this up with a race blog of Bath Duathlon.

Thanks again Yr10 work experience student from Stanchester Academy- Archie Tyler