Double Racing at Sensational Cycling Saturday

Posted on: October 3, 2018

Hi I’m Archie you might have read my blogs before, but if not I’m a 15 year old local triathlete, cyclist, and runner and I’m a youth ambassador for Immortal Sport.
On Saturday the 30th of September my dad took my brother and I down too Cornwall for the 4th round of the South West cyclocross series which we are both registered in, and a road race for me.

Unlike our normal trips to Cornwall which mainly involve eating pasties and cake with family we were going down for the ‘Sensational Cycling Saturday’ at the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge. We had never been to a cycling festival before, but we were pleasantly surprised to be a part of a great family friendly atmosphere with plenty of events and activities as well as hosting the cyclocross.

My day of racing kicked off with my cyclocross race. After my previous performances I was once again called up and gridded in the second row. After doing a practice lap before hand I knew it was going to be a very fast course with some very techy, and demanding sections. I managed to get a fairly good start but only just narrowly avoided being wiped out by someone cutting across my back wheel. (if you’ve never witnessed a cyclocross start or even a race before I would highly recommend you watch one on YouTube or even do one yourself because it’s like nothing you will ever have experienced or done before.)

I managed to survive the 30 minutes worth of laps and finish in 10th place, I was super pleased with my result and enjoyed the course which played to my advantage because I love a hilly, techy course.

With just over 40 minuets to get ready for my next race, I did a quick outfit change, picked up my number and registered my bike, then with just enough time to squeeze in a warmup on my rollers I headed down to the start line without even checking the circuit.

I was racking in the youth age road circuit series race, of which I haven’t done many before but my experience form triathlon helps a lot . With a fast start I managed to settle into a nice pace quite quickly and started to make my way up the field spitting on wheels as I went by. It was a hard course with varied road terrain and a short punchy climb at the end of each lap. When it came to the last lap I was completely spent. I don’t know yet but I think I was inside the top ten but I had nothing left to give.

On reflection I had a great day although you’re in a world of pain when your racing, you soon are overcome with happiness once you’ve finished and eaten a load of food.
Thanks for reading and I’ll be writing again I soon


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